Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority to host fundraiser for illness research


Photo courtesy of the Oakland Tri-Sigma website

A couple Sigma Sigma Sigma members proudly hold up their flag at Elliott Tower.

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Theta Theta Chapter, is one out of five sororities on campus. They can be seen as the underdogs as the newest sorority on campus — having been established at Oakland University for only six years — along with being the only sorority at OU without a house. However, this does not limit their ability to provide opportunities to their members or the community. 

Their philanthropy is The Tri Sigma Foundation. The foundation was started to help fund finding a cure for polio after one of the founding member’s sons was diagnosed and lost his fight. Once a cure was found, the funding continues to go towards research on cures for other illnesses.

Sigma Sigma Sigma holds a handful of fundraisers throughout the academic year for their philanthropy as well as their community. Their fall events consist of their Kindergarten Dinner, Adopt-A-Family and Tie Blankets/Care Packages. Their spring events are the Community Babyshower and March of Dimes march.

On Oct. 7 Jennifer Bond, Sigma Sigma Sigma’s Philanthropy Chair, hosted a Drawing with the Sigma’s event. The event consisted of the sorority’s members and the Oakland community coming together to make pictures, draw and color for children in hospitals. The final products will be donated to children’s hospitals to brighten up the kids’ days.

During the event, the alternative goal was to collect unused crayon boxes. In children’s hospitals, they are unable to reuse crayons in more than one sitting — this is to stop spreading the sickness back to the kids as they get better from what they are fighting. Bond explained the ways the community can donate at these events or to Sigma Sigma Sigma.

“For donations in general, there’s a few routes you can take,” Bond said. “The first is, you can make a direct donation to the foundation. You can visit the Tri Sigma Foundation website and under the ‘Ways to Give’ tab, you can peruse which option will be the best course of action for you. Secondly, at any philanthropy events, you’re more than welcome to give monetary donations — whether that be cash, check, Venmo, we’re always more than happy to accept anything you wish to give. We appreciate any and all support we receive from our community.”

Bond continued by explaining the different kind of items they accept as donations.

“Lastly, depending on the event we’ve done with Drawing with the Sigmas, we accept items such as crayons as well as hand-made drawings and cards,” Bond said. “For our annual New Member Adopt-A-Family event, we accept an array of items for the holidays, since every year a new family from the community is “adopted.” In this instance, it can be toys, non-perishables, clothing, bedding and much more.”

Bond talked about this year’s Kindergarten Dinner, saying it’s “going to be a blast.”   

“First and foremost, the money we’re raising for this event goes directly to the Tri Sigma Foundation, which is our national foundation that directly aids children in need at medical institutions all across the country,” she said. “Apart from the philanthropic side, this event is going to take you back to your childhood. We’ll be providing food, games and music that bring a sense of nostalgia. We’ll be providing raffle baskets, as well, where you can purchase additional tickets for a chance to win. There’s so much to look forward to for this event, and I encourage you all to come see for yourselves.”

This year, the Kindergarten Dinner will be held on Nov. 12 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Human Health Building, room 1050. Check out their Instagram page to stay updated on the event and to buy your tickets.