What to wear: top trending Halloween costumes 2021


Photo courtesy of Disney

Cruella from Disney’s live action movie is one of the trending Halloween costumes of 2021. Her red dress is one of her most popular looks.

With Halloween quickly approaching, many people are scrambling to find activities and costumes to ring in the spooky season. There are so many costumes to choose from, not to mention, deciding if you’re going solo, planning a couple’s costume or hanging out with a group. Popular costumes change and vary throughout the years — let’s talk about the top trending Halloween costumes of 2021.


The December 2020 Netflix show produced by Shonda Rhimes was a huge success, immediately gaining a following, as well as several social media trends. Many people are using the show’s main character, Daphne, as inspiration for a Regency Era Halloween costume. Must have costume pieces include white gloves and a ballgown, and some are taking it a step further with sparkly necklaces and feathered headbands. 

“Squid Game”

“Squid Game” — a hit Korean show airing on Netflix — has taken over pop culture over the past few weeks. Between social media trends and a global appreciation of the show, many people have started coming up with costume ideas. There are the “Squid Game” players who wear green jumpsuits, and then the guards who wear mysterious masks. 


The latest Disney live action, which is a spin-off of the 1996 “101 Dalmatians” movie, has sparked a lot of Cruella costumes. The born brilliant, bad and mad fashion-obsessed diva wears various revolutionary looks throughout the film, giving people several options to choose from in terms of costumes. The most popular of her outfits is the red dress at the big party scene in the middle of the movie. 


Wandavision” was a massive success. Airing in mid January 2021, the Disney Plus series has become another Marvel phenomenon. There are several interesting characters to dress up as this Halloween, such as Wanda, Agatha and Vision. The most popular of them all is, of course, the titular character Wanda in her scarlet witch costume. 

Olivia Rodrigo 

The “Driver’s License” singer took over the charts in 2021. Many people have taken it upon themselves to make DIY costumes of various Olivia Rodrigo looks. For her “Good 4 U” music video look, a cheerleading outfit and leather gloves are essential. Others are using her album cover for “Sour” as inspiration, using stickers and crop tops to improvise a similar look. The most popular would have to be her “Sour” prom queen look. Extravagant makeup, a pink gown, and, of course, a tiara will make a look worthy of a prom queen. 

“Suicide Squad” 

For those who want to go in a group, why not be one of DC’s iconic groups of heroes? Or maybe villains? The “Suicide Squad” movie released earlier this year, and group costumes are blowing up on social media with Harley Quinn’s stunning looks taking the spotlight. 

“Gossip Girl” 2021 Reboot 

The reboot of this classic TV show took social media by storm during the summer of 2021. As fashion has always been an integral part of the franchise, it was bound to spark various trends, especially around Halloween. Many people are going with redesigns of the school uniform look