Postie Perspectives: Who can help The Who?

Can you believe The Who is reaching its 50th anniversary? I can’t either…(not that I have been around as long as them).
For The Who’s anniversary, the band is going on tour and asking fans from around the world to help it. Anyone can share basically anything Who-related, including recordings, fan-shot footage, photos, and more.
The Who will be including the best submissions in its upcoming releases, giving proper credit to the fans who offered them. If you’re lucky and your submission is used, you will also win two VIP tickets to a show in the band’s upcoming tour.
Earlier this year at a press conference The Who said the upcoming tour is “The beginning of the long goodbye.” Together the band announced “it will have a finality to it. We’ll stop touring before we stop playing as a band.”
Besides these requests, the band is also releasing a greatest hits album that is set to release on October 28.
If you would like to send in a submission to The Who for a chance to win tickets, send your stuff to [email protected].
Personally, I don’t own anything from them, but I will be looking around to see if I have anything I can submit. I mean, who wouldn’t want VIP tickets to see such an amazing band?