Intercollegiate sports recap: week four

Brittany Kearfott, Sports Reporter

On Saturday, Sept. 18, the University of Michigan women kept it up in volleyball with another 3-0 shutout against Dayton after their doubleheader shutout on Friday, along with another win for the Wolverines in women’s soccer against Illinois in a 2-1 win. 

Men’s soccer accepted defeat away against #8 Maryland in a 2-1  loss. Football redeemed the men on Saturday in a 3-0 win against Eastern Michigan, as well as field hockey against Albany with their 4-1 win in New York.

Field hockey was also on a roll with their second win over the weekend in New York with a 3-2 win against Cornell. Men’s soccer ended their week with another 3-1 loss at home against Notre Dame.

As we head a little east of Ann Arbor to East Lansing, the Spartans’ volleyball team closed out a doubleheader with a 3-1 score against Central Michigan University and a 3-0 score against IUPUI. Men kept up the winning streak in football against #24 Miami with a 38-17 win.

Closing out the weekend, field hockey and women’s soccer shutout both their opponents. The women won 1-0 against Indiana while field hockey won 6-0 against Central Michigan .

The men’s soccer team continued the winning streak with a 1-0 win against Duquesne on home turf, while the women’s team took a hard 1-0  defeat against Wisconsin at home.

Lastly, heading home to Oakland University, the men’s golf placed fourth out of  858 in Indiana at Ball State University. The soccer team took a 3-1  loss against DePaul University.

The women’s soccer team came redeeming with a 6-0 shutout against Green Bay at home.

Women started their week with a ninth place finish out of  624 at Ball State University in their tournament. On day two they finished 11th out of 936.  The women’s soccer team closed out their week with a 3-0 shutout against University of Illinois – Chicago.

Stay tuned for more and support your fellow teams!

Upcoming Michigan Intercollegiate fall sports games: (*Home Games)

Oakland University-

Men’s Soccer:

Sept 29 vs Robert Morris University @ 2 p.m.

Oct 2 vs Detroit Mercy @ 7 p.m.

Oct 6 vs Western Michigan University @ 5 p.m.

Women’s Soccer:

*Oct 2 vs IUPUI @ 4 p.m. (Red to Racism Awareness)

Cross country:

Oct 1 vs Lansing Community College Invite @ 4 p.m.

Oct 2 vs University of Louisville @ 10 a.m.

Women’s Tennis:

Oct 1-3 vs Eastern Michigan University @ 11 a.m.

Swim Meet:

*Oct 1 vs Black vs Gold IntraSquad @ 6:30 p.m.


Oct 1 vs Cleveland State University @ 6 p.m.

Women’s Golf:

Oct 4-5 vs Eastern Michigan University

Men’s Golf:

Oct 4-5 vs Cleveland State University

University of Michigan-


Oct 2 vs Wisconsin @ 11 a.m.

Women’s Soccer:

Sept 30 vs Purdue @ 7 p.m.

Oct 3 vs Indiana @ 1 p.m.

Men’s Soccer:

Oct 1 vs Indiana @ 5 p.m.

*Oct 5 vs Michigan State @ 8 p.m.


Oct 1 vs Nebraska @ 6 p.m.

Oct 2 vs Iowa @ 7 p.m.

Ice Hockey:

Oct 2 vs Bowling Green (EX) @ 7 p.m.

Field Hockey:

Oct 3 vs Ohio State @ noon

Women’s Crosscountry:

Oct 2 vs Greater Louisville Classic @ 10:15 a.m.

Men’s Crosscountry:

Oct 1 vs Joe Piane Notre Dame Invitational @ noon

Men’s Tennis:

Oct 1-3 vs Mississippi State University

Oct 4-6 vs ITA All-American Championships

Women’s Tennis:

*Oct 1-3 vs Wolverine Invitational

Oct 4-6 vs ITA All-American Championships

Women’s Golf:

Oct 4-5 vs Windy City Invitational

Men’s Golf:

Oct 2-4 vs Rich Harvest Farms Intercollegiate

Michigan State University-


*Oct 2 vs Western Kentucky (Homecoming) @ 7:30 p.m.

Women’s Soccer:

Sept 30 vs Nebraska @ 7:05 p.m.

Oct 3 vs Iowa @ 1 p.m.


Oct 1 vs Iowa @ 8 p.m.

Oct 3 vs Nebraska @ 4 p.m.

Field Hockey:

Oct 3 vs American @ noon

Men’s Soccer:

*Oct 1 vs Penn State @ 7 p.m.

Oct 5 vs Michigan @ 8 p.m.

Men’s Hockey:

Oct 2 vs U.s. National Team Development Program U-18 @ 7 p.m.

Women’s Tennis:

Oct 1-3 vs Michigan Invite

Oct 4-6 vs ITA All-American Championships

Men’s Tennis:

*Oct 1-3 vs Brobac/Beeman Invite

Oct 4-5 vs Fighting Irish Classic