‘Clickbait:’ the who-dun-it show we needed


Photo courtesy of IMDb

Netflix’s new limited series is definitely worth the watch.

Everyone is talking about Netflix’s new limited series “Clickbait” and it was definitely worth binge watching.

The show is based around Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier) and a viral Youtube video of him holding up signs that say “I abuse women” and “At 5 million views I die.” When the video hits 5 million views, that is the last anyone saw Nick.

Nick’s sister, Pia (Zoe Kazan) and His Wife, Sophie (Betty Gabriel) don’t exactly have the best background, but they come together as Pia is super passionate about finding out what happened to Nick. Pia does not believe the signs that Nick was holding up, and will go anywhere or call anyone to figure it out. While Sophie doesn’t know what to believe and at first wants to find out but towards the end is finding herself just wanting peace.

As the plot moves forward, it is found out Nick apparently had a secret life. Everyone seems to have a theory.

The way each episode of “Clickbait” was set up was very interesting. Each episode focused in on a different character. While it wasn’t a complete focus, we did see other things besides them, it was so nice that the audience wasn’t worn out by having just one main character. 

Each perspective brought new information to the table and kept the plot moving. The only other time I could think of that has a similar way of doing things was the first season of “Once Upon A Time.” So this was a unique take and a great way of doing a murder mystery type show. 

Netflix always makes great limited series, they are short and easy to watch but always such an amazing experience. Sometimes I feel the cinematography of the limited series are even better than many Netflix original movies. Just like “The Queen’s Gambit” and “When They See Us” the performances and plot of this series were great.

Throughout the whole show, since the first episode, I thought I for sure had the ending figured out, that there was no way it wasn’t this specific man. Throughout each episode I was fully convinced that it was still him that killed Nick. He wasn’t drawn too much attention to a lot of episodes, and wasn’t even in a couple of them, but I still thought it was going to be him.

When I tell you I could not have seen this coming, playing along with the famous game of “who-dun-it” that everyone knows and loves, I did not see this one coming. A completely out of the blue, and shall I say, out of character plot twist that I enjoyed.

A Netflix limited series is just the right length. This allows audiences to get invested but the plot doesn’t get exhausting or stretched too thin. The pacing of the plot was great, not too slow, and not too fast. And every character was super well rounded making each one of them interesting.

Now I don’t know if the ending was too crazy to make sense or just crazy enough that it fits the show. It seemed a little removed from reality, but it also seemed fitting because we weren’t given too much information or flash backs about Nick’s life before being murdered. 

Overall, I enjoyed the show and for anyone who loves a mystery, this is definitely a must watch!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars