Rom-Coms ranked from worst to best

I have to admit — I love a good (or should I say so bad it’s good) rom-com. Present me with a group of good-looking twenty-somethings living in the big city with lavish lifestyles and massive apartments you know they couldn’t afford working in real life as a fashion magazine columnist or florist and I will watch it.

Bring on the upcoming nuptials you know will be interrupted by the bride’s handsome childhood best friend who realizes he’s loved her all these years. Dazzle me with a makeover montage. Turn enemies into friends and friends into lovers. Impress me with a surprisingly good soundtrack.

As an unabashed fan of these cinematic masterpieces of the nineties and early two-thousands, I’ve decided to rank a few from my least favorite (#10) to favorite (#1).

10. “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

Michael O’Neil is a walking red flag disguised as a twenty-eight-year-old sportswriter. Getting engaged to a twenty-year-old college student, practically coercing her to drop out of school, and stringing your best friend along for the ride is not the move. Jules — who also has her fair moment of crazy — and Michael deserved each other. Kimmy, stay in school and get that degree. I do enjoy the soundtrack, though. “I Say a Little Prayer” is nothing short of legendary.

9.  “Sweet Home Alabama”

I hate everything about this movie except for the proposal scene between Andrew and Melanie. The man literally shut down Tiffany’s and told his fiancée to pick any ring. I mean — does it get any more romantic than that? Talk about a dream proposal. Trey MacDougal’s “proposal” to Charlotte York in “Sex and the City” walked so that this proposal could run. This scene is the only reason this movie is included on my list. Tiffany’s and Patrick Dempsey happen to be a few of my favorite, unattainable things.

8. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

Funny? Yes. Predictable? Also yes, but isn’t every rom-com? A classic, but not my favorite. Sometimes the second-hand embarrassment of watching Kate Hudson’s and Matthew McConaughey’s characters is too much to bear.

7. “13 going on 30”

Still waiting to be thirty, flirty and thriving tbh. I loved this movie growing up. Does anyone want to eat some Razzles and dance to “Thriller”?

6.  “Made of Honor”

As someone who confesses her love for just about every dog she sees on the street, I appreciate that a dog is what results in Patrick Dempsey’s character’s marriage epiphany. The shared humor and friendship between the two protagonists and their honored Sunday afternoon routine is heart-warming. Every time I watch I find myself searching for cheap airline tickets to Scotland. This film also solidifies that a good rom-com must include a cast member — or two — from “Grey’s Anatomy.”

 5. “The Wedding Planner”

“You smell like plums and grilled cheese sandwiches,” is a line that could only be uttered in a cheesy rom-com. It’s the ultimate comfort movie: charming, sentimental and emphasizes that Matthew McConaughey is the ultimate rom-com king and J-Lo the rom-com queen.

4. “The Holiday”

My favorite Christmas movie and one of my favorite rom-coms. Surprisingly, this is the only Nancy Meyers film on this list, but that credibility certainly explains its high ranking. I adore the dreamy music, idyllic British countryside setting and absolutely everything about Jude Law’s character. A must-watch during the holiday season.

3. “Serendipity”

Another film that branches into the Christmas genre, but is also an excellent rom-com choice. The chemistry between Jonathan and Sara will make you believe in destiny — if only for one hour and thirty-one minutes.

2. “Only You”

Italy? Check. Robert Downey Jr.’s witty banter? Check. A re-enactment of the iconic “Roman Holiday” scene featuring The Mouth of Truth? Also, Check. While this is one of the lesser-known films of the rom-com genre, it deserves more recognition. If you see me in Rome searching for a Damon Bradley, mind your business.

1. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

Egyptians, like myself, and Greeks are like apples and oranges. Actually, it’s more like comparing two extremely similar apple varieties. I don’t think I have ever seen a more relatable and hilarious movie in my life. Having parents from two very different cultural backgrounds, being shamed for bringing ethnic food to lunch for school, deciphering the ancient origins of words and emphatic noes from family members are just a part of having a large and loving family from the Mediterranean — which is why I love this rom-com and how well it encapsulates that.