Women’s soccer falls to University of Toledo

The Oakland University women’s soccer team lost 1-0 to University of Toledo (UT) in an intense game on Thursday, Aug. 27 at the Oakland Soccer Field. 

Even before starting the game, the weather was a highlight. Temperatures were around 69 degrees with high winds. It was a great contrast from the earlier hours of the day. Many spectators were bundled up in jackets and wearing sweatpants during the duration of the game. The wind only grew stronger as the game progressed. 

The Toledo Rockets scored the only goal of the match just over two minutes into the game. The Rockets were a tough team to go up against. Despite the early goal, the Golden Grizzlies held possession of the ball for 58% of the match. 

OU took more shots than UT, tallying 10 versus the Rockets’ two for the game. Both teams took two shots total on goal, with Jessica Shears taking them for the Grizzlies. There were three total corner kicks throughout the game, with UT taking two and OU taking one. 

It was an intense game, with OU’s Head Coach Juan Pablo Favero noting they were up against “a very aggressive team.” Fans agreed — they shouted in disbelief at missed foul calls. 

The second half started off as fierce as the first, with a goal kick just eight minutes in. There were several fouls in this half, with the Rockets and the Grizzlies each receiving a yellow card. The match was brutal with 14 total fouls and the game stopping part way into the second half for a possible injury. Despite the loss, the Grizzlies put in a great effort and fought hard.

Coach Favero said their strategy for this match was to shift things around for the difficult opponents. He’s “very proud of the team’s performance.” His plan for the next match is to get the team physically recovered. 

“The toughest part about coaching a college athletics team is knowing how to help your team be successful in every circumstance,” Coach Favero said. “Tune out distractions for college students, which there are a lot of. I want to keep them focused on why they’re here.”

He noted being a college athlete is very difficult, and the importance of keeping the team concentrated on the game. 

The next women’s soccer game will be against the University of Kentucky — Sept. 5 at 4 p.m. in Lexington, Kentucky.