Letter to the editor: Countless students support the faculty, and I have a petition to show it

This is a story I’m sure a lot of people have already told, but I repeat it because it’s been true for my experience too. The faculty are the reason I’m here. Each class I’ve taken has been interesting and enjoyable because it’s obvious how much love and passion the faculty have for their job. Not only do they teach; they also take the time to ask what questions we have, listen to our questions, and talk with us about our plans. They give us feedback on our assignments, letting us know kindly what we’ve done well and where we can improve. They make any accommodations we need, and are understandable and flexible when any life circumstances make it difficult for us to attend class or turn work in on time. They give us advice on what the field is like and what jobs might be suited for us based on what they know about us. They encourage us when amazing opportunities arise and are, at times, the ones providing or letting us know of those opportunities. They are teachers, counselors, advisors, allies, and cheerleaders, all in one. Because the faculty care about and support us, I will always care about and support them. 

And I’m not the only student supporter. Last night, I decided enough was enough and made a petition in support of their demands. Within 15 minutes of making it, I already had 7 other signatures. Today at 4:20pm, 19 hours after making it, there are 215 signatures. 57% of these people are students, like me. We care about our faculty. We want the best for them. We want the administration to listen and stop twisting the truth. If you also support the faculty, you can sign the petition (anonymously, if necessary) with the link https://bit.ly/OUAAUPcn. There have been students, faculty, staff, alumni, GAs, and supporters who do not go to the school at all. Join these signature numbers and make your voice heard if you support the faculty as well!

Steph Wong