Katke-Cousins offers pristine golfing

Golfers across the country, some more avid than others, play for a wide range of reasons. Whether it be for the challenge, the scenery, or to spend time with friends, it is a hobby that is usually considered a luxury.

Normally, when someone decides to go golfing, they will end up spending up to $30 to $50 dollars to enjoy a course for a few hours. Many times someone will think that a cost is too much and find something cheaper or free to do. 

One of Michigan’s premier golf courses is right in OU’s backyard.

“It’s on campus, it’s easily accessible by the student body and 36 just beautiful holes,” Golf and Managing Director Bill Rogers said. “It’s pretty hard to beat on any campus in the country.”

The name of the course is Katke-Cousins. It’s also just $14 dollars to walk nine, and for $18, you can play for a dollar a hole. Anyone who even flirts with trying to know this game would know that as a steal. 

For a little more you can also play the neighboring Sharf course, too.

It was John Dodge that decided to mold a golf course of his own in the early 1900’s for himself and his affiliates. According to Rogers, in the minds of Katke, Cousins and Sharf, they understood the necessity for the student to study, but they wanted to offer an outlet at a fair price for their student-patrons.

“It was their vision that the students and the faculty would couple the golf experience with their educational experience. That was their focus,” Rogers said.

“I probably walk Katke about 20 times a year. It’s a treat, it’s a beautiful course, and it’s hard,” said OU journalism instructor Garry Gilbert. “It kicks my butt, regularly.”

Although it is picturesque, it’s also very challenging, with sprawling hills and altering elevation that is reminiscent of some places up north.

”From my office here in Vanderburg Hall, I can be at Katke in about five minutes which is pretty handy,” Gilbert said. “Sometimes I play at the end of the day after my last class. Sometimes I’ll get there at 7:30 p.m. in the morning, and then come to Vandenburg.”

For beginners, Katke also offers the Rick Smith golf academy and practice area. The academy offers help to all golfers who are willing, and have one of the best in the business to do it. Rick Smith was the swing coach for professional golfer Phil Mickelson.

For more information on the OU Golf and Learning center visit http://www.oakland.edu/golf.