Kresge Library rooms for rent


This semester students can now reserve sections for a set time instead of having to “claim” it.

You may have walked into the library ready to study, write a paper or complete a project in one of the private rooms on the first or second floor. 

If you walked into a room and found someone already working in there, you’re probably confused. 

This is because there is now a room reservation system at Kresge Library. 

The reservation program was implemented due to “mounting requests and security issues,” according to Rob Burns, Manager of Library Technology Services. 

“People were trying to claim their place by leaving their stuff there (in the rooms),” Burns said. “With a reserve section you have that room for a set time and no one can take it.” 

To reserve a room, students can go to the library’s website and click on “Study Room Reservations.”

From there, simply choose the floor you’d like a room on, then click on a room slot you would like. Those in green are open and those in blue are booked.

Students will be asked for their name and email and will have to confirm their reservation through an email that will be sent to them. 

Burns said reservations must be made two weeks in advance and you can only reserve a room for a maximum of three hours a day, four days a week.

Reservations are made under one students name. If a student does not show up for their allotted time the room is up for grabs. 

There will be an adjustment period for students, according to Burns, but he is confident that students will be able to cooperate with one another and make the system as efficient as possible.

“It’s that kind of cooperative spirit we’re hoping to achieve,” he said. “Our library staff is happy to help with that cooperation.”

Freshman India Leib and junior Eva Reed gave their thoughts on the rooms and the reservation service. 

“It would be nice to have both (open rooms and rooms to reserve),” Reed said. 

“I’ve heard they’re never free,” Leib said. 

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