Students and staff share fall semester first day experiences


The Oakland Post

By Jasmine French

The first day of school was eventful for students and staff, but more collectively for others. Classes began Wednesday, Sept. 3 at 7:30 a.m. Teachers and students were on their way to class, while staff members were sitting at their desks ready to answer the questions of all attending students.

Wil Strand, a freshman commuter, experienced the infamous traffic and parking at OU.

“As I was driving onto campus, coming around the circle to get into lot P1, two students put up the middle finger at me.”

Strand said that he had no idea why it happened, but he guesses everyone was frustrated trying to find a parking spot. 

Communication Professor Beth Talbert had a good first day of the semester.

“It was an easy-going first day unlike other semesters,” she said.

It appears most freshmen were shocked by how difficult parking was on their first day. Freshman commuter Alex Cate was stuck in traffic coming through the circle at the entrance of OU off University Drive.

“My class started at 9:20 a.m., and I was stuck in traffic for 20 minutes plus,” he said.

Jennifer Thompson, also a student at Oakland, became lost while walking to class due to construction.

“Tractors were blocking the way between Elliott Hall and the new engineering building and I was confused on how to get to class,” she said.

Eventually, Thompson found a detour and took the walk way along the other side of Kresge Library.

Mary Isaacs in the reservation office stated that her first day was a pretty easy transition compared to previous years.

“I would give the first day an A,” Isaacs said. “Classes started Wednesday instead of Tuesday night after Labor Day, which used to be confusing for students in the past.”  

“Students had more places to go to get information this year, such as student organization tables outside, which lessened questions or concerns,” Isaacs added.

“The only thing was that the new computer science and engineering building wasn’t easily identified,” Isaacs said. “The name on class schedules is EC, for Engineering Center.”

Undergrad Sienna Hill, an on-campus resident, couldn’t believe her class standing.

“On the first day I was officially a senior,” Hill said. “I also noticed that my classes were super hard.”