Campus comes alive for Welcome Week

By Jessie DiBattista

As school starts at Oakland University, parking lots are jammed, students race to their classes, traffic is crazy and Welcome Week begins.

Welcome Week at OU is a huge celebration for students and facility to begin the school year.

Jean Ann Miller, Director for Student Activities and Leadership development is very excited for what the week has to offer.

“Welcome Week gets bigger and bigger every year and there is always more to come,” Miller said.

Welcome week holds many events that range from bonfires to even an open mic night.

Yvonne Armenta, an incoming freshman, was very pleased to see all the exciting events that were happening at OU.

“I like all the events and there is a bunch of free food, it looks like a lot of fun and everyone is very welcoming,” Armenta said.

Although, some may find Welcome Week to be amazing, others don’t see the significance in week’s events.

“I don’t see what the big deal is, all I know is that it is super busy and annoying,” an anonymous student said.

While freshman are amused by the weeks events and some are annoyed, others stand in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to the welcoming events at OU.

“The carnival was fun, I like all the bouncy things, and there was a Photo Booth and that was pretty cool,” senior Aakeeb Amin said.

Although many have their views on Welcome Week at OU, nothing is more exciting than the Iggy & Magic Concert at Meadow Brook Music Festival.

“I am really pumped for the concert, it will be the icing on the cake for Welcome Week,” Miller said.

Freshman Meghan Radoicic has purchased her tickets and is ready for the concert.

“I really like Iggy and I like Magic too, and the concert will be a lot of fun and I’m really excited,” Radoicic said.

Although some have different views about Welcome Week at OU, it only comes around once a year, and starts the school year off with many fun events to look forward to.