OU’s Burr wins 5K women’s race at University of Wisconsin-Parkside Open


“It’s a big part of my life. I don’t know what life is without running,” Ashley Burr said.

Oakland University redshirt freshman Ashley Burr won the 5K women’s race at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Open, Saturday Sept. 13.  

The week before that she was Horizon League’s runner of the week.  Despite the recent accolades, Burr remains humble.

“To come here and lead the way, that was really cool I still can’t believe it,” Burr said. “I know there’s a lot of girls out there that can easily whoop my butt.”

Burr isn’t too used to taking laps in the winners circle.

“In high school, I only won one race, and that’s only because my teammate who would have ran it was sick,” Burr said. “My teammates at Midland Dow (High School) were much better than I am. I’m trying not to let this go my head.”

Running comes naturally to Burr; she’s been doing it almost as long as she can remember.

“When I was a kid I did summer track programs, and then 6th grade I was in a running club, and 7th and 8th grade, and all the way through high school I was on a team,” Burr said. “It’s almost like a lifestyle, if you ask my mom what running does for me … well she doesn’t like to be around me when I don’t run.”

The OU cross country team runs together almost everyday according to Burr. She prefers running without headphones unless she’s on a treadmill, though, instead liking to remain aware of her surroundings and talking with her team.

She didn’t really know anyone coming in, and being redshirted her first year didn’t give her a chance to compete with any of the girls on the team. When it came to the track though, teammate Miranda Haas, a junior, was competing in the steeplechase and she showed her the ropes.

“She helped me a lot in training, I love running with her,” Burr said. “She’s a year ahead of me. She’s a great mentor.”

Burr is also a member of the track team, which is the case for a lot of cross-country runners.

They placed first and second in April in the steeplechase. The event is a 3K race (under two miles) with five steel bar hurdles that go across the track with the last one being set up before a water pit. Runners often use the hurdle as a chance to propel themselves into the furthest part of the pit, as it is also the shallowest.

“You’re going to land in the water,” Burr said. “I fell the first time, it was great, but that’s why I love it, it’s such a challenge.”

She plans to keep running throughout her tenure at OU. 

“It’s a big part of my life, I don’t know what life is without running.”