OU’s golden leg: Kellermann leads the women’s soccer team in goals with four this season

There are many working pieces to score a goal in soccer. Whether it be a good turn, lucky bounce or a subtle touch in the right direction, Oakland senior Kyla Kellermann finds herself as the team’s best finisher.

Through 10 games Kellermann has four goals, and she’s averaging just over one shot a game.

“I’ve been here for four years now, I’ve put a lot into this program, and I love this school,” Kellermann said. “I want to see us succeed and do well. As a senior it’s your last chance to step up and do well.”

Head coach Margaret Saurin believes that senior leadership, not just by Kellermann, is invaluable. Saurin said she appreciates all upperclassmen that have experience in Oakland’s soccer program.

“You can’t put a price on it,” Saurin said. “Leading by example is a really important part of what the seniors can do for us.”

In 2013, Kellermann was an All-Academic Team Honoree, as well as a member of the Horizon League All-Tournament selection. Notable achievements like these are the ones other players can aspire to gain as well.

Kellermann started 19 of 21 games last year as a junior, and although she’s listed as a forward, Saurin knows she can score from all over the field.

“She’s had to play in a couple of different positions this season, her experience, versatility and her ability allows us to do that,” Saurin said. “She scores goal from midfield as well as up top. She’s defended, she’s connected the dots, so Kyla is a very important part of what we’re doing here.”

Saurin notices that Kellermann has a willingness to fill this role and that she brings a certain amount of mental toughness to the game. Saurin feels that Kellermann being a psychology major, helps strengthen her approach to the game.

Through Kellermann’s years here, she has played under four different coaches.

“Mags (Coach Saurin) has been one of the first coaches to introduce mental toughness and things like that to us,” Kellermann said. “Being actually able to apply it out there, that’s pretty cool.”

Saurin knows the ebbs and flows of people’s self-awareness, and is able to understand when things are going well and how they can capitalize or mount personal triumphs when they present themselves.

“Inevitably, in 90 minutes of soccer, there are mistakes that are going to be made and we have to bounce back from them,” Saurin said.

She went on to express that the ability to remain in a positive state of mind is what makes bouncing back from those mistakes possible. Kellermann is one player to where that comes naturally.