Who really lives on campus?


By Shelby Tankersley

Oakland University is home to over 2,000 students throughout the academic year. But, there are a few people who live on campus all year long. There are two private residences on campus.

In a recent poll, only 15 out of 67 students were even aware that there are private residences on campus, but they have both been here for a very long time.

Located on Lonedale Rd, the first has been here since Oakland was a satellite of Michigan State when it was founded in 1956. The couple who now owns the residence has been there since it was built. They actually moved in to their new home around the same time students were beginning their first classes at the new university.

And, believe it or not, they actually have nothing to do with the university, they just so happen to live here on campus. They get to see lots of deer and their yard and don’t seem to be all that bothered with the large student population just yards from their home.

The other residence has some stronger ties with OU. Located near the Meadowbrook estate, Sunset Terrace is still utilized by the university today.

The house called ‘Sunset Terrace’ was originally built by Alfred and Matilda Wilson, and they did live there for a number of years, but then it became housing for OU Presidents,” said Shirley Paquette, who works with the university archives.

The Wilsons built the house in 1953 to serve as both a guest house for family and friends and as their retirement home. They occupied the home until 1962, the year Alfred Wilson passed away. His wife returned to the Meadowbrook mansion for the remainder of her life.

Since the home is now owned by Oakland, they have made various uses out of it throughout the years. It has been toured by those who wish to learn more about the Meadowbrook estate, home to musicians who performed at the Meadowbrook Music Festival, used as a conference center and has even been used by professors who taught classes in the living room of the house.

Today, Sunset Terrace serves as the official home of Oakland’s president, and it has been that way since 1992.

Both Sunset Terrace and the Lonedale house now serve humble purposes as homes. Their histories full of change, it seems fitting the houses’ purposes have finally become something calm and sure.