Police Files: 3/24/2021

Illness Check-in

On the morning of Jan. 11, two officers from the Oakland University Police Department were dispatched to the scene of a cleaning crew worker who had felt physically ill. When the two officers arrived at the scene, they found the worker who had called in the illness sitting in a lounge area. She stated that she felt light headed and dizzy, along with a sore throat. She said that all of these symptoms had started the day before, but as the morning had developed her symptoms had got worse, along with shortness of breath. The Auburn Hills Fire Department medical vehicle arrived on the scene shortly after the officers made contact and transported the cleaning crew worker to Ascension Hospital in Rochester for further evaluation. One of the dispatched officers made sure to call dispatch and indicate the employee’s vehicle should be marked in P16 and a report should be filed for the medical event. The scene was then cleared without further incident.