Grizz Gang reveals plans for the upcoming basketball seasons


By Kevin Teller

Greg Kampe, head coach of Oakland men’s basketball, and Jeff Tungate, head coach of the women’s team, joined forces with the Grizz Gang today, speaking at the Gang’s “open room” event on plans for the upcoming season.

“This could be a special year, and it could lead into next year, which could be really special,” Kampe said.

Kampe and Tungate both said that the Grizz Gang is the reason behind the success and publicity the teams get, referring to last year’s games at the University of Detroit Mercy when the presence and support from the Grizz Gang was actually louder than Detroit’s fans.

To prepare for this year’s season, the Gang has many plans in the works, including a potential bus trip to Valparaiso University in Indiana this winter and a two-day package for games against UDM.

In January, students will attend the home game in the morning and take a bus together to the away game at UDM in the afternoon.

The Gang has also recently started selling new “swag” to support the teams in the form of construction vests.

The vests have the phrase “Grizzlies at Work” printed on them, a reference to the seemingly endless amount of construction on campus, according to the coaches.

Grizz Gang members said they hope that the vests will be able to become a recognizable symbol in the community. It is a way for them to announce their support for OU’s teams, both away and at home games.

Also offered to students is something called Grizz Perks: a $10 fee for the entire season that includes first priority on the bus trip tickets, early admission to home games, select seating and a “Grizzlies at Work” vest.