Social Work Club making the community a better place


The Social Work Club at Oakland is reaching out to impact the community. All fundraiser event proceeds in the month of October will go toward the breast cancer walk, starting at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 25 at Rochester Municipal Park.

“As a club we are fundraising by hosting a Penny War between the juniors and seniors in the social work program,” Jacqueline Kutcher, President of the Social Work Club said. “Individually we are raising money by asking for donations.”

“A Penny War is where members bring spare change. Pennies are called positive points and silver coins and dollars are considered negative points,” said Taylor Eberhart, senior at Oakland and Secretary of the Social Work Club.

“I joined the Social Work Club because I wanted to volunteer at different agencies and to meet more people in the social work program,” Kutcher said. “I became president because I loved all the opportunities that the social work club had introduced to me.”

“It’s a volunteer based club,” Eberhart said. “I went to the meetings last year when I was a junior and wanted to volunteer.” 

According to Eberhart, the Social Work Club is a two-year program.

“Juniors are considered first-year and seniors are last-year,” Eberhart said.

The Social Work Club collaborates with Phi Alpha, the social work honor society. In order to join, students must have declared social work as a major and be at least a sophomore.

“Phi Alpha is educational-based,” said Eberhart.

According to Eberhart, Phi Alpha also helps assist Social Work Club members in their academic and professional goals.

Kutcher is also a member of Phi Alpha.

“The clubs usually participate in one or two events a year together,” Kutcher said.

“As senior members of the club, we assist first-years with self-care. We want to be a support system and help them to take the time to take care of themselves,” Eberhart said.

According to Kutcher, there’s about 20 to 30 active members.

“You have to have a passion for helping people and making our community a better place,” Kutcher said.

The club targets a variety of community settings, including volunteering in nursing homes. For community work the club lends a hand to struggling families.

“Last year we went down to Detroit several times to hand out food to low-income families, which was an amazing experience,” Kutcher said. “Personally, I have set a goal for us to raise over $1,000 for charities this year and I’m hoping that we exceed this number.”

For more information email [email protected] or like their Facebook page, Social Work Club at Oakland University. To sign groups up for the breast cancer walk visit