Police Files: 3/17/2021

Intoxicated stranger

Nightwatch employees sent a panic alarm to the Oakland University Police Department on the night of Jan. 7 when a Black man wearing a yellow hoodie and a black OU face mask entered Hamlin Hall without checking in. Two officers were dispatched to the residence hall to look for the individual they described. Nightwatch gave the officers a visual description and also indicated that the man seemed to be drunk, as he was stumbling and muttering words. The Nightwatch employees could not, though, smell any intoxicants as the man entered the hall.

The officers searched the lobby, then moved up the stairwell until they spotted an individual matching the description on the third floor in the doorway to the laundry room. After trying to get past the officers multiple times and pushing against them, they decided to handcuff him for their and his safety. Throughout the interaction, the man showed signs of intoxication as he was not making eye contact with the officers and was constantly muttering to himself. Eventually, the officers managed to get ahold of Auburn Hills Fire Department and got the man’s vitals, but after the handcuffs were removed he broke free again and ran up to the eighth floor of the hall. After once again detaining him in the elevator as he tried to travel back down to the first floor, a third officer was dispatched to bring the individual back to the station.

The officers noticed at this point the man seemed to be much more cooperative and clear headed. When they arrived at the station, the man was asked if he remembered anything that had happened that night. He said he used a vape pen to smoke marijuana earlier that night, and that it had been his first time. After he had taken it, he stated that he began to feel very strange and began to hallucinate. He had a difficult time separating what was real and what was a part of his imagination. He stated that he did not even remember his interaction with the first two officers. The officer told him he would not be charged for smoking marijuana but that he would be charged with disorderly conduct. The man said he understood, and was then released.