Police files: 12/9/2020

Shaky Door Handle

Oakland University Police dispatch received a call from a resident in regards to an odd situation that occurred near midnight on Oct 7. The resident told dispatch that she believed someone had attempted to get into her room. Two officers met with the resident as she described the event.

She stated that she had heard someone jiggle her bedroom door handle at midnight and saw the living room motion light had gone on. She stated that she did not have roommates and that no one else was in her dorm that night. The officers asked if she came out to see if anyone was in the room, but she said she did not check to see if anyone was there because she was very frightened. The officers then checked for evidence of a break-in, but did not find any evidence of tool marks or scratches on the door handle. Nothing had been moved or taken from the room. With this in mind, the officers suggested it may have been a draft coming from the nearby stairwell to the dorm that may have caused some movement. They informed the resident of this, then promised to file a report regardless. The officers then left the scene.