Annual ‘Stress Less Day’ takes place on Dec. 3

Lauren Reid, Content Editor

Finals week is a tough time for any college student, especially a college student during a global pandemic. To help students relax and alleviate stress, Oakland University’s annual Stress Less Day will be in full swing on Thursday, Dec. 3. With a variety of different online workshops and activities, it may be an escape from end-of-semester apprehension. 

“We know finals are coming up — and that’s stressful — as is this whole semester,” said Director of the Office for Student Involvement (OSI), Jean Ann Miller. “[Stress Less Day] is a way to give back to students and let them know we’re concerned about their mental health.” 

Stress Less Day sports a lineup of activities from OU offices and student organizations. 

Kicking off the activities, at noon on Dec. 3, the Counseling Center will host a “Mindfulness and Motivation Workshop.”

“It’s going to be a great way to start off the day,” Miller said. “The Counseling Center has been working hard this semester to connect with students and offer them different ways to reduce their stress, anxiety and avoid depression.”

From 1-3 p.m., Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB) is bringing in a caricature artist and from 2-3 p.m., University Recreation and Wellbeing is hosting a “Sweat your Stress Away” virtual HIIT Workout. SAFB is also doing tarot card readings from 4-6 p.m with individual time slots. 

“I am most excited to be able to provide some new entertainment for the students and hopefully relieve some stress,” said SAFB Chair, Adeline Perhogan. “I think the students will appreciate these events (caricature artist and tarot card readings) because they’re a little different than our previous virtual events, and with the caricature artist students will get to keep the drawing.”

At 6 p.m., Residence Life Association will host an open mic night and at 7 p.m., Student Life Lecture Board (SLLB), WXOU and The Oakland Post are sponsoring intention bracelet making. 

”The intention bracelets are super cool,” Miller said. “[Participants] will do it live with someone on the other end, and then they’ll send it to your mailing address, so attendees will have something (tangible) to remind them of how to be stress free.” 

An intention bracelet can be worn as a constant, motivating reminder of whatever personalized message or meaning its creator desires. 

Miller mentions this upcoming Stress Less Day is providing a lot of new opportunities and hopes students participate. 

“Some of it is going to be immediate gratification,” Miller said. “Students can connect with live people to help them with their stress and anxiety. There is personal connection, there are real people behind these programs. This is a [great] opportunity to connect with faculty, students and staff.” 

Most all of the Stress Less Day events require interested participants to register beforehand, most easily done by visiting GrizzOrgs.