Clinton quick facts: Everything you never knew you wanted to know about Hillary


You think you know the former first lady, secretary of state, senator and author, but can you answer these trivia tidbits?

8. At 12 years old, Clinton wrote to NASA about becoming an astronaut. They responded, “We don’t take girls.” 

7. In 1965, the senior class of Maine Township High School voted her most likely to succeed. We think they were on to something. 

6. She had a six-year tenure as a director of Walmart

5. She loves Tabasco sauce, claiming it is something she always packs on the go. 

4. Clinton is a Chicago Cubs fan, but wanted to support an American League team, too. Clinton chose the New York Yankees. 

3. Much like her NASA inquiry, Clinton wanted to join the Marines. She was told she was too old and had bad eyesight.

2. In 1997, Clinton won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word or Non-musical Album. She won for the audio version of her book, “It Takes A Village.” 

1. In the capital of Kosovo, on Bill Clinton Boulevard, there is a clothing boutique that is completely devoted to fashions inspired by Clinton, especially pantsuits.