Police files: 11/11/2020

Wake Up Call

A student in Hamlin Hall contacted Oakland University Police Dispatch at 3:30 a.m. to report that he was awoken by the sounds of an unknown person attempting to key into his room on March 12. Two officers arrived at the scene.


When they arrived at the dorm room, they found a belligerently drunk male outside of the room leaning against the wall. The male was irrational, uncooperative and refused to provide personal information. He was administered a preliminary breath test to see if he was in immediate need of medical attention after he was removed from the premises of Hamlin Hall. The results were .188 Blood Alcohol Content. After approximately 15 minutes of negotiations with him, he refused to quiet down. The two officers were eventually able to navigate him to his dorm room and made contact with his roommate. The roommate agreed to watch him and make sure he didn’t leave again. Less than five minutes later, the subject stumbled out of the room again and continued to make a scene. At that point the officers handcuffed him and transported him to Ascension Providence Hospital. At 4:30 a.m. the officers issued a misdemeanor disturbing the peace and civil infraction minor in possession of alcohol citation.