Police Files: 11/4/2020

Zoom Bombed

A student came into the Police and Support Services office to report that their Zoom meeting had been hacked on Friday, Oct. 9. The victim went on to state that the hacker posted vulgar images and statements. One officer responded to the complaint and met with the individual.

The individual explained that they were hosting a talent show over Zoom. The talent show was a live event where people could join the Zoom call and watch the talent clips that people had sent in. About 40 minutes into the call, one of the people in the call unmuted themselves and started talking in a robotic voice, switching between a male and female voice. The voice shouted “you fucking suck,” “you suck,” “shut up,” and “get off the fucking mic” among other things.

When the host of the Zoom call attempted to shut off the call, the voices responded with “come at me, bitch” as someone started drawing a Nazi Swastika and a penis on the person’s face on the screen. 

The voice then asked if “y’all want to see a titty?” then followed with the male robotic voice responding “sure why not” and “she means show a titty bro,” at which point the unmuted hacker switched the live feed to extremely graphic porn. At that point, the Zoom call was finally ended. When the student restarted the new Zoom call, there were no issues.

When the officer talked one-on-one with the student who hosted the call, she told the officer that the account that hacked the call was an iPhone account that typed racial slurs in the chat and claimed it was from raidcord.net before it unmuted and started using its robotic voice. OUPD could not trace the name from the account of the iPhone call.