The top five Halloween songs of all time

This Halloween, like everything else, will be looking a little different than usual. While there better not be any ragers, nothing’s stopping people from making a sick playlist for Oct. 31. 

Before we get into the picks, I will give a shoutout to “Spooky Scary Skeletons” by Andrew Gold and the theme from “Halloweentown.” While they are incredible, they just barely missed the cut. That being said, here are the top five Halloween songs that will create immaculately spooky vibes. 

  1. “Zombie” — The Cranberries 

Starting off the list at five is “Zombie” by The Cranberries. This is kind of an oddball choice, but the 1993 rock song always finds its way to my “October Spookies” playlist. The Irish twang lead singer Dolores O’Riordan brings to the table adds a different color unique to this particular band. 

I will admit, I’m a sucker for ’90s grunge — my first CD was “Nevermind” — so “Zombie” just hits the spot. For a fresher version of the song, look no further to Miley Cyrus’ cover from earlier this month, it’s a real treat. 

  1. “Monster Mash” — Bobby “Boris” Pickett and The Crypt-Kickers

This ’60s classic could not be kept off the list and clocks in at four. “Monster Mash” is the first song I play on Sept. 1 (the beginning of spooky season) because it is just that iconic. Even though the song itself isn’t a hot club banger these days, there is nothing that screams Halloween more than a song about Frankenstein making friends in a graveyard and doing a little jig.

“Monster Mash” packs nostalgia in a fat punch, and for that, it deserves a spot on the list. 

  1. “Thriller” — Michael Jackson

The king of pop had many great hits, but “Thriller” has been a Halloween anthem, and for that, it’s earned the three spot. Not only does “Thriller” hit different at every party, but it also has a choreographed dance we all somehow learned by the time we turned 10. No matter the crowd, you’ll get the hype once this starts blasting. 

Even though I pray to Biden no one will be throwing a big Halloween bash, the 1982 bop will still resonate with the big Halloween Zoom banger. 

  1. “Dead Man’s Party” — Oingo Boingo

“Dead Man’s Party” is everything you could ask for in a song and more — incredible beat, complex melodies and creatively killer lyrics. Near perfection will always be recognized and celebrated, and “Dead Man’s Party” is one of those songs I’d listen to all year. 

The ’85 punk song is one of the most unique songs thanks to lead Danny Elfman, and is worth more than one listen when you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go. 

  1. “Calling All the Monsters” — China Anne McClain

No. 1 is definitely a hot take, but hear me out — a 13-year-old served us the best Halloween song of our generation. “Calling All the Monsters” was simply the hottest jam ever served to us during this sacred holiday and it was the saving grace of Disney’s “Ant Farm.”

If the last time you heard this absolute banger was 2011, I suggest you swallow your pride and give it another go. It oozes late 2000s clubbing energy with a touch of Britney, and a whole lot of Halloween spirit.