Amy Barrett’s fast track seat on the Supreme Court


Photo Courtesy of NBC

Amy Coney Barrett may become the next addition to the Supreme Court. The process to introduce her has been sped up more than past years.

Autumn Page, Marketing Director

With everything happening in the world, the Supreme Court is quickly moving to put Amy Coney Barrett in power. 

After the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG), a Supreme Court justice who advocated women’s rights and gender equality, the Trump administration has been pushing for someone to fill the seat. Barrett, a conservative law professor and federal appellate judge, was nominated by President Trump not long after RBG passed away. 

It was announced that on Oct. 22, the Senate will vote to confirm the nomination. 

“With regard to the Supreme Court justice, we’ll be voting to confirm justice-to-be Barrett next Monday,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) said. 

This will be one of the last times to vote on her nomination for the seat. According to polls, Barrett is generally liked by the majority, which would be a reason why the nomination is moving so quickly. 

RBG died in Sept. of 2020, and the Supreme Court and Senate are already voting to confirm the replacement of her seat. It has been maybe a month and her seat is already getting filled. This process usually takes a lot longer. In the past, 2018, it generally took from 66-89 days, according to Azcentral. The nomination and possible seating of Barrett is impeccably fast, especially since the general election is taking place next week. 

Of course, this wasn’t taken very well by the public. The thought that it should wait until after the upcoming presidential election, since that’s what happened to Former President Barack Obama in 2016. In 2016, the Senate refused to consider Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, because the election was nine months later.

I get people can change their opinion, but the Senate saying no to someone and then saying yes to someone else, when the election is less than two weeks away, is shady. 

I agree with the public opinion on this one, and the seat should get filled after the election. I don’t care if it ends up being the same person that fills the seat. 

It’s a courtesy to wait until the next confirmed president. Although, I don’t think Trump knows exactly what courtesy is. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Barrett’s nomination and decided to advance, which means that the final vote for confirmation will take place on Oct. 26. 

Am I surprised that her nomination got approved further? No. 

The senate is mostly republicans, so it’s no surprise that they approved another republican for the supreme court. I’m also not surprised that they are still continuing on trying to fill the seat, despite the differing opinions from democrats and the public. 

The vote was 12-0 and the 10 Democratic senators on the panel boycotted the vote, which I kind of respect, but I also kind of think they should’ve just voted no. 

By setting up the confirmation vote for the full Senate it’s one of the quickest nomination proceedings that has happened since 2015 and 2017.

With her nomination, it would bring the supreme court to a 6-3 conservative party. Supreme Court justices fulfill those seats until their death, in most cases, which means that the supreme court could be 6-3 for a few decades. 

The smart thing would be to not seat her until after the election, or put the final vote off until after the election. If she is seated, then healthcare, gun rights, the environment and religious freedoms are going to be affected.