Police Files: 10/14/2020

Cocaine Backup

An officer responded to a call for backup from a fellow officer on patrol near midnight on July 9 near the Mobil gas station on Walton Blvd. The officer arrived and immediately went and made contact with the driver of the car that the first officer had pulled over. The driver was identified and asked if there was anything inside of the car that may hurt the officers while they were searching it. The driver said there was not.

Following this, the driver was asked to leave the car and the vehicle was searched. While the search began, the driver stated that he was currently out on bond for a DWLS and narcotics arrest through the Pontiac District Court. At this point, a third officer also arrived at the scene.

While searching the car, one of the officers found a bag of white powder that was immediately identified as cocaine. Another small bag was found in the front pocket of the driver’s pants when he was searched, along with an off-colored yellow chunk of compressed powder from the other pocket. The driver stated it was ecstasy he had purchased for $5, along with the half-ball of cocaine he got for $150. 

The driver was arrested and the drugs underwent a field test to confirm their contents. The two substances tested as cocaine and ecstasy, as expected. The booking process was completed and the driver was transported to Oakland County Jail.