An Echo of knowledge

By Shelby Tankersley

“Echo Cognitio” is publication run solely by members of the Honors College and seeks to publish the work of other Oakland students. The students get together once a month to edit research papers, art, poetry, photography and creative writing in search for the cream of the crop to publish.

Jacob Nick, a freshman who is involved with both editing and graphic design for the journal, is excited for what the year has to bring for “Echo Cognitio.” Despite his short time with the journal, he appears ready to help make this school year’s issue the best one yet.

“I think it’s pretty cool … I’m working with the graphic designer on the cover art which has been fun so far,” Nick said.

Similarly, Andrew Mandley, the journal’s president and editor-in-chief, said he joined because he thought it would be an experience.

“I originally joined Echo because I thought it would look good on a resume and I was told I would get to read good work,” Mandley said.

He said his job is different from the editors in the sense that he has to rally everyone together, but he still very much enjoys helping the writers and other editors reach their full potential.

“I like helping other students succeed,” Mandley said. “Helping the students develop skills as an editor and critic and to be able to do it together professionally is great. I like being able to work with writers that want to be published and helping them along their way.”

Both Mandley and Nick expressed the desire for students to submit their work to “Echo Cognitio.” As students, they fully understood why people might not want to submit. However, they encouraged students to submit because they truly want to publish their fellow Golden Grizzlies.

“It might be a little daunting to approach a journal, but since this is student-run, I think that it takes some of the scariness away,” Nick said. “It’s a great first step to becoming a published author.”

Mandley added that “Echo Cognitio” is not just for Honors College students. He said as long as the work is of good quality, they’ll take it.

“We’re opening it up to the student population and our criterion is going to be that it has to be at the Honors College level,” Mandley said. “So you don’t have to be in the Honors College, but the whole idea is to get that caliber of work.”

Echo Cognitio is currently accepting submissions and will be doing so until Feb. 1, 2015. They’re hoping to get 50 submissions from Oakland students this year. To find out more, you can email them at [email protected] or like them on Facebook.