‘Savage Mode II’ brings strong replay value

Michael Pearce, Editor-In-Chief

On the new 21 Savage and Metro Boomin album “Savage Mode II,” listeners are taken on a journey through the rap life.

The album opens with Morgan Freeman — yes, the real Morgan Freeman — welcoming listeners to Savage Mode II. Freeman’s narration is a constant theme across the album, providing depth to otherwise shallow lyrics.

While 21 Savage rarely touches on deep issues, “Savage Mode II” is a solid album, complete with a variety of themes and sounds. Metro Boomin producing the album is a big plus, making every song different through the production.

No album is perfect, and no artist is perfect either. 21 Savage has never been a talented lyricist or vocalist, but what he lacks in meaning or vocal talent, he makes up for with funny lyrics and impressive flow.

One song that particularly sticks out in terms of originality is “Steppin’ on N****s.” The beat Metro Boomin lays down is reminiscent of Eazy E, and 21 Savage adds a new-age twist to a retro beat.

The song which will inevitably chart high is “Mr. Right Now,” which features Drake. Most 21 Savage songs are hard, focusing on the streets and talk about murder. This song is about love and relationships, and how 21 Savage might not be Mr. Right, but he is Mr. Right Now.

The attention surrounding “Mr. Right Now” is more about Drake’s line, “I used to date SZA back in ’08,” when SZA was 17 or 18. Drake might steal the show with that incredibly questionable line, but 21 Savage genuinely sounds decent trying to “sing.” The bar is low, but he doesn’t sound too bad.

As to be expected with all 21 Savage albums, the weaknesses in “Savage Mode II” are apparent. The two clear, consistent weaknesses in 21 Savage’s music are depth of lyrics and vocal talent, but if listeners just take 21 Savage’s music for what it is, they will enjoy it.

Not all music has to be “deep.” Not all music has to feature impressive vocal talent. Sometimes when you are riding on the highway, you just want to sit back and listen to some fast flow over an amazing beat.

There’s something to be said for music that allows listeners to just turn their brains off and enjoy what it sounds like. While there’s not many songs with any deeper meanings, “Savage Mode II” is an enjoyable set of music.

Not only is “Savage Mode II” enjoyable, but there are also some funny lines in it as well. 21 Savage usually has some funny lines in his features or albums, and “Savage Mode II” was no different.

A few great references that bring amusement are “N****s need to call they hood Beyblades ’cause all we do is spin in it,” and “Shout out Robert Kraft, fell in love with the cheddar.” Both references can be found on “Brand New Draco.”

For Detroit Pistons fans, former Pistons’ big man gets a shoutout on “No Opp Left Behind” when 21 Savage says, “All my diamonds pissed on, ayy, Andre Drummond.” The word play that 21 Savage uses is reminiscent of Lil Wayne here, using “pissed on” to sound like “Piston.”

Overall, what you see is what you get on “Savage Mode II.” Freeman’s narration is very entertaining, and 21 Savage has several songs that have crazy replay value. Sit back, listen to the album and enjoy what 21 Savage and Metro Boomin put together.

Rating: 4/5 Stars