University Network Help Desk can assist students in a myriad of ways

When it comes to college students, technology becomes a student’s best friend. But with young adults, the most common problem with students’ computers is virus removal.

But many students don’t know that the University Network Help Desk, located in Hamlin Hall, can provide a number of services to students for free.

Adam Sternburg, Information systems Specialist II for University Housing, explained the different services offered through the Network Help Desk.

“Mainly we support network and registration issues with the Resident Halls and the Student Apartments,” Sternburg said. “But we can also help troubleshoot general computer problems, remove viruses, help with some kinds of hardware and software problems, even help set up your mobile devices.”

Jennifer Bonardelli, “Lieutenant of the Internets” (or one of the many workers ready to help students at the desk), said that the most prevalent problem they encounter is common computer viruses.

The Network Help desk also helped design the wireless support for the new buildings added to Oakland University this year, and the employees there are proud of their accomplishments in regards to the services.

Though some of the things they’ve had to repair are somewhat interesting, according to Adam Sternburgh.

“Once, I had to connect a student’s pen that connected to the internet,” he said. “And quite a few times, I had to remove viruses from Mac computers.”

“Services are free to all on campus students,” Sternburgh said. “And we’re only really busy in the beginning of the semester. But recently, we’ve been campaigning to get students to know that we’re here to help them with various posters put around the dorms and major buildings on campus.”

Students are encouraged to drop in or call the office. They prefer that the repairs be done in office, but they say they are “student focused,” and can visit students if need be.

More information on the Network Help Desk can be found by calling 248-370-­2534 or by emailing [email protected].