Police Files: 9/15/2020

Freak off the leash

Oakland University Police dispatch received a call requesting to speak to an officer regarding a dog running around without a leash on July 15. The caller reported that the dog was being aggressive toward her and her own dog. Two officers were dispatched to the scene. When they arrived, the caller advised the officers that 45 minutes prior she was out walking her dog in a field near her residence when she noticed a dog running loose with the owner walking behind the unleashed dog. The stranger’s dog reportedly bared its teeth at her dog and lunged, and this was not the first time it had happened. She also said that her neighbors had similar experiences in the past with this aggressive dog, though she said there had never been any injuries. The caller gave the name of the dog, but she did not know the owner’s name.

After the caller came back to OUPD a couple of days later with the name of the stranger, two officers made contact with the man with the aggressive dog. They informed him that people had complained about his dog’s aggression and told him that Michigan has a pet leash law. He said he would leash his dog in the future. The case was closed after his agreement.