Arts students squished into Pillsbury dough tube

Crumbling Varner Hall has at last been replaced by a facility that keeps up with the times and has high-class instruments for music, theater and dance students. After tirelessly requesting, students in the arts can climb out of their dungeon of the 1970s and begin performing in Elliott — the Elliott Bell Tower, that is. 

Elliott Tower boasts features such as, a cartoony spiral staircase, the most timely instruments on campus and concerts every 15 minutes. 

This transition also allows the campus community to continue to refer to Varner Hall as “classic and nostalgic” to further avoid renovation. In fact, to celebrate Varner Hall’s 50th anniversary without renovation, the dilapidated wood details that line the hallways are now being rephrased as “cozy repurposed barn wood” by many campus Karens.  

Despite its flaws, Varner Hall does offer some tools that may be missed at Elliot Tower. The maze of dusty haunted hallways saved students and faculty from decorating during Halloween. Additionally, students are, now, forced to resume using their cell phones in replacement of possibly the last pay phones on Earth that the building still sports. 

“Some people call the building creepy, but I think the dark crevices and corners feel homey,” said resident actor Vlad Dracula. “That could just be because I’ve been here since the ground breaking though, and after the past 50 years, I’ve almost figured out where each hallway goes.” 

Even with some growing pains, some students are looking forward to the updated facilities that Elliot Tower offers. After all, Elliott Tower has the most adapted training components for students looking for experience in bell keeping. 

“I’ve actually always thought I was a Bell Tower kind of guy,” senior actor Quasimodo Hunchback said, “Elliot Tower doesn’t compare to my time Notre Dame, but everyone knows Disney movies are a peak for most actors.” 

As mentioned by Hunchback, Elliott Tower will allow the wide array of students interested in bell or tower based music to truly flourish. On the other hand, art students pursuing careers in acting that doesn’t involve a tower or literally any other instrument may have to be creative. Of course, music, theater and dance is all about creativity though so having minimal options is actually ideal. 

Students won’t just be connected by creativity either. Elliott Tower will soon be the equivalent of Pillsbury biscuit tube prematurely exploding when hundreds of music, theater and dance students begin rehearsal there. Although this may seem dangerously cozy, the corkscrew stairwell and the mosh pit of students vertically strung throughout is the ultimate artistic environment. After all, break a leg! 

Arts enthusiasts can support the program by viewing upcoming performances of “Repunzel,” “Shrek (the first one),” a stationary take on “Apollo 13,” and really any plot that involves a large cylinder. The department is also waiting on a storyline from the Pringle’s company.

All in all, the music, theater and dance department’s facilities and tools are finally able to move up in Elliott Tower — 151 feet to be exact.