Going, going, gone

It is almost semester break: a time to spend with family, catch up on sleep and for students living in the dorms: move out.

Students do not actually have to take anything with them, but many have brought the comforts of home and closets full of clothes to their dorms. Finals are right around the corner, so it’s no wonder that students will be taking home at least some schoolwork over Thanksgiving break, even if it never gets touched.

“Students move out because the university is completely closed down on Thursday and Friday. Other than emergency personnel, the halls are empty,” said Sandra Alef, assistant director for residence life.

It would be fairly tough to survive in a little bedroom when the school is closed. An empty campus with no people, no meals and no other heated buildings to venture off to, would be more like a scene from The Walking Dead.

One of the main reasons students don’t continue to live in their dorms during the winter break is the money. Financially, students cannot afford to stay on campus. When housing rates are broken down, the cost to live on campus is not counted during breaks.

“If a student does need to stay and has a legitimate reason (work, lives out of state, athletics, etc.) we do have a daily rate for our students,” Alef said.

Some students have concerns with these strict housing rules.

“The only irritating thing is that I can’t move back in early at all,” student Walker Kelly said.

Once students leave, they cannot come back until the school reopens, even if they forget something. It is the housing policy and with finals week coming up, leaving something important like a computer or charger can be detrimental.

According to Danielle Crilley, a student living in Van Wagoner, the key to moving out is to do it in pieces.

“I think it’s pretty difficult to have everything moved out by 6 p.m. on the last day of finals week,” Crilley said. “So I know I’m going to have go about it much earlier.”

Students in the dorms need to make sure everything is tidy, trash is taken out and all electronics are unplugged.

“A professional walks through every room,” Alef said. “We are checking mostly to see that everything is unplugged and that there are no hazards still in the room.”

3 things to remember before moving out:

1. Unplug everything

Though unlikely, it would be a shame if a fire started and everything was lost.

2. Don’t forget the important things

I know, our technology is never out of sight. But don’t forget to bring home chargers, batteries, etc.

3. Have fun!

It’s break, enjoy the time off and good food.