For those with beard, we salute you

What do Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln and Plato all have in common? Nothing, besides the fact they all changed the world.

What they all have are great beards.

Jonathan Weyhrauch, a student at Oakland University, has one of those great beards and the aspirations to have his name mentioned in the same company as those great bearded men.

Weyhrauch is double majoring in biology and environmental science, with a concentration in resource management sustainability.

“I’m a scientist,” Weyhrauch said. “If I discover something great and I’m put up next to the rest of them, then you need a good science beard or you’re going to look weak next to everyone else.”

For the last ten years he has had a beard, and has no plans to let it go.

Many women like their men clean-shaven — think Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum.

Not Katie Weyhrauch, his wife of two years. She is all about the beard.

“I fell in love with him and his beard,” Katie said. “He did shave it all off due to a trimming mishap once, and I just couldn’t get past the baby face underneath. It just didn’t fit his personality.”

The problems continued as his skin was sunburned, due to the area being so sensitive to sunlight. In fact, sensitive skin is one reason why he started growing out his beard.

Since the age of 16, he has had a goatee. But shaving under the chin led to breakouts, and he decided to just grow it out.

Trimming mishaps and overall grooming are of no worry to him. He conditions and brushes often and, every couple months, a trim. Especially the mustache.

The problem lies in eating. Food finds its way in the beard and untrimmed mustaches make saucy foods a pain.

“All the time, five napkin minimum,” Weyhrauch said.

Like most things, you get used to it and find ways around problematic situations.

Today, beards like Weyhrauch’s are generally hard to find and lead to many who want to touch it and ask questions.

“I still find it amusing how many compliments and comments he receives from random people at random times,” Katie said.

For the beardless, avoid asking questions like how long a person has been growing his beard — unless you like sarcastic remarks for answers. Also, and this is important, do not talk about Duck Dynasty.

“Everyone has bad days, so sometimes us bearded folks just want to be left alone,” Weyhrauch said. “Do not just grab someone’s beard, unless you are currently or in the immediate future planning on sleeping with them.”

It is a long process to grow a beard like Weyhrauch, and at first it did not turn out how he wanted. However, he stuck with it.

“It takes patience, man,” Weyhrauch said.