AOC deserves better from the DNC and NBC. 

Autumn Page, Marketing Director

The Democratic National Convention  (DNC) was held from Aug. 17-20, and U.S. House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-D) spoke briefly. Not only did she have one of the smallest amounts of screen time, one minute and 37 seconds to be exact, but the NBC network published a news article with a questionable headline. I thought the idea of the U.S. is to progress forward — it’s really disappointing to see that we’re progressing backward.

Because of how her speech was phrased by a news outlet, people ended up confused.

The title said that she seconds the nomination for Bernie Sanders for president of the U.S.. This made it seem like Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t support Joe Biden.

Ocasio-Cortez claimed that while the title was a case of clickbait, it wasn’t a mistake in a tweet.  She took to Twitter to clear the air.

“Convention rules require roll call and nominations for every candidate that passes the delegate threshold,” she said via Twitter. “I was asked to second the nomination for Sen. Sanders for roll call. I extend my deepest congratulations to @JoeBiden – let’s go win in November.”

Once this was said, the article should’ve been taken down and/or changed within the hour. Ocasio-Cortez has a big following, and she even tagged NBC on Twitter, so at least someone at NBC should’ve heard.

NBC ended up deleting the tweet with the misleading title and added an editor’s note. They took a picture of the original title for the record. Then, they explained that Ocasio-Cortez had previously endorsed Sanders, and her mentioning him was part of the rules.

Basically, they just said everything Ocasio-Cortez did in her original tweet, just many hours later.

How does a news outlet as big as NBC not get wind of this earlier? Especially when the person who the article is about mentions it and tags them. I’m sure NBC has PR teams and heads that approve what articles go out, so how did that manage to publish?

The headline didn’t get fixed until 1:15 a.m., which is an odd time for someone at NBC to decide to change it.

“Because a 1:15am tweet to slip under the radar after blowing up a totally false and divisive narrative across networks isn’t it.” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Ocasio-Cortez also mentioned that NBC never apologized for the title. One Twitter user, Teafor2and2fort, brought up a good point saying, “Unsure how they can expect for the American people to trust them when they pull this kind of stunt and then never formally apologize.” I think this is how most people feel when it comes not only to the media, but the government in general.

This is how women in politics, especially influential women, are treated. She is the future of politics, a major news outlet shouldn’t treat her like this

Many people agree with Ocasio-Cortez that the original article caused damage and widespread misinformation.

“At first I was outraged at you cause I read their title. Now I’m LIVID at them for causing more divisiveness than Trump does.” @PaceyWilliams said.

Headlines might not seem important, but some people only read headlines — that’s their only source of news. For a well-known news source to let this happen and not fix it quickly only shows how much change needs to happen.

Everyone has their phone on them nowadays, and the first act of change needs to be that regarding the response times of something like this. I get that not everyone wants to be by their phone all the time, so don’t mess up a headline.

Ocasio-Cortez is right to be mad because as she said, this isn’t just going to happen to her. As she said it will, or could, happen to Biden and his VP Kamala Harris. More members of their party, or even a Hollywood actor, could be victims of this.