Political focus: Spikes in COVID-19 can send us back to quarantine

Autumn Page, Marketing Director

The COVID-19 outbreak was catastrophic to the economy and society, and the economy will take years to recover. Society will never be the same, and it’s devastating.

One of the most popular trading stocks, Dow Jones, had one of the biggest drops during the chaos. On March 16, there was a point change of -2,997.10 — that is a percent change of -12.93%. To put it in perspective, the last time Dow Jones had that significant of a drop was in 1987, and before that, 1929.

Millions of cases and hundreds of thousands of deaths have been the result of COVID-19. By July 13, the number of cases in the U.S. alone reached 3,461,937. The total number of deaths exceeded 138,000.

Society preached wearing masks and staying inside — for the first two months or so. Then, the protests began. My personal favorite was the astronomical need for haircuts — you couldn’t go on YouTube and figure out how to cut your own hair? 

When the number of cases and deaths slowed in June, the nation slowly started to open up, except Florida — they hit full send on the ‘open places where COVID-19 can run free’ button. 

Then the number of cases started increasing again in early July. California, Texas, Arizona and Florida saw some of the greatest spikes.

In Michigan, a spike of 543 cases were reported on July 2. This is the highest reported single-day spike since May, according to WXYZ Detroit. An outbreak was traced to Harper’s Restaurant and Brew Pub in East Lansing, with 138 positive COVID-19 cases. Bars indoor services across Michigan have been closed, but outdoor seating and carry out is allowed. 

Other states will begin to close down if the cases continue to rise. 

The economy is just starting to recover, and another shutdown could result in irreversible damage. It would result in zero trade and possibly an increase in taxes down the road. Unemployment could increase and many businesses would permanently close.

As for society, this could result in schools continuing all online education or a hybrid. You can count on more protesting and people not wearing masks or personal protection equipment. This will lead to a lot of conflict with people and the government, which isn’t new at this point. 

I’m usually all for uprising and overthrowing the government, but not during a pandemic. I think — in this moment and when we had the lowest number of cases — we were all doing something right. It’s annoying that things are still limited or closed, and so is having to walk around with masks, but I think it’s worth it if it keeps the death toll down.

Moreover, if everyone wears masks still, then the possible vaccine, Moderna, could have a chance. I think it could be good, as long as the anti-vaxxers don’t find out. 

If everyone wears masks and keeps the numbers down, then all the people who say wearing a mask is “infringing on their freedom” can finally be quiet — talk about tranquility.