Letter to the Editor: Gabriela Broqi

Gabriela Broqi, Contributor

Processing these tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery has been tough. Not only has it shocked the nation in a battle of race, but changed lives drastically across the world.

This shouldn’t be happening. History should not be repeating itself. We have come far as a nation so we should be treating everyone the same, EQUAL. We are all one race, the HUMAN race. I don’t just want to make a difference or have my voice heard, I NEED to make a difference because it starts with ONE person to see a change.

This needs to end, our fellow brothers and sisters of color should not have to fear their lives everyday to walk outside. All lives matter and I will do whatever I can to support my fellow brother and sisters, to make my voice be heard and to put in my part into ending this racial issue that has been put up against us and divided us. No race or no religion can separate us. We are all ONE and as ONE will come together.

United together to make a difference. We cannot be silent, If we do that is the biggest betrayal to the nation.

This letter to the editor was submitted by Gabriela Broqi. Letters to the editor can be submitted to [email protected]