Letter to the editor: Angelina Selou

Angelina Selou, Contributor

As a first-generation Chaldean-American, I have lived in certain places in this state where my family was not welcomed and we often heard slander and experienced hardships. I can only imagine the pain that my African-American brothers and sisters are feeling right now.

The persecution that I had to endure was nothing to what is going on in the world. In a time when everyone is already scared and worried, these riots are not helping. No one should be scared that their life savings can be burned down because of the madness that is going on in our own hometowns.

I believe that actions should be taken against the terrible ways that people have been treated, but I also do not think that violence will cure violence. But, in fact, the opposite is what we need. Love is what will solve things. More people dying and people getting hurt is not what we need. In addition to that, people looting things that are not theirs has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I do not understand why people are doing this.

As a daughter of someone who owns a store and who is terrified to open up because it is our bread-and-butter, this is ridiculous. My father should not have to worry that people are going to come in and steal things. I just hope and pray that things will soon begin to settle down and that change begins soon, and most importantly that justice prevails.

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