Letter to the editor: When will we see the end?

Christine Azzo, Contributor

When will we see the end of systemic racism? When will we see the end of police brutality? When will we see the end of the senseless murders of innocent black people?

I am writing to you to lift my voice about the injustice, oppression, and systemic racism toward black people. Around the world, we are heartbroken over the countless deaths of innocent people, especially George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery — just to name a few. These are tragedies that are unfortunately all too familiar in a country where black people are targeted, brutalised and murdered on a consistent basis.


We need to make a change. The only way things will change is if we come together, use our voice, spread awareness, and demand justice. We need to end the oppressive systems in our country that murder people without consequence. Violence and abuse of power is unacceptable, we will not stand for it.


Processing all of this has definitely been stressful to us who are saddened by these events and praying for an end. I, personally, am scared for those involved in the violent protests and hope that justice will be given to the families who deserve it. I remain hopeful that we will see a change toward ending these senseless tragedies.


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