Police Files: April 8, 2020

COVID-19 and a campus connection

Dispatch took a call from Oakland University Police Chief Gordon about a subject that may have been in contact with the COVID-19 virus on the night of Friday, March 13. Dispatch was told that the subject had a grandparent recently diagnosed with the virus. According to Gordon, the subject was homeless and had been staying in a variety of places on campus before being removed by OU Housing. Dispatch was also told that he had a girlfriend who lived on campus and was a possible contact.

Dispatch then looked through databases with the phone number provided and made contact with the girlfriend. They asked if she knew the subject and she handed over the phone to said subject. He said he was waiting for a couple of friends to show up and then he would be leaving campus. He told dispatch where they currently were and they drove over to him to speak with him in the parking lot.

When they met, dispatch made sure to keep 6 feet of space between themselves and the subject. When asked, the subject said he recently found out his grandfather was diagnosed with COVID-19. He also noted that the last time he had any face-to-face contact with his grandfather was Christmas of 2019. Dispatchers collected his information and then cleared the scene without further incident.