Top 10 reasons to see ‘The Liar’

An enormous amount of work went into preparing “The Liar,” and to reveal more about the play would diminish the excitement of seeing it for oneself. However, here are ten reasons why one should go see it:           

1: The play is spoken completely in pentameter.

For those who don’t know what pentameter is, it’s a line of verse consisting of five metrical feet. Shakespeare often wrote in pentameter, because it is the most natural rhythm of language to speak. Performing in verse is challenging due to the many rhymes.

2: “The Liar” mixes renaissance vernacular with a modern flair.

If you think the pentameter will throw you off, never fear. The dialogue is easy to understand. The playwright David Ives masterfully weaves together the use of verse, pentameter and modern speech. 

3: The play constantly breaks down the fourth wall.

Normally, plays are set within their own dimensions. The characters don’t know that they’re in a play or that there are people watching. However, the characters of “The Liar” seem to be fully aware of their limits and play around with those barriers. Which leads to our fourth reason …

4: The cast interacts with the audience.

Don’t worry! You don’t need to know any lines or have to get out of your chair, but don’t be surprised if the cast runs up into the stands or shines the spotlight on you. This interactivity gives this play a unique feel like no other.

5: In between scenes, a troubadour entertains you with live music.

A troubadour is a musician and performer during the Middle Ages. In “The Liar,” the troubadour plays modern songs on Renaissance-period instruments, such as the lute. See if you can recognize any of the songs.

6: The set and costumes are high quality.

Props (no pun intended) to the staff who designed the costumes and built the set. Although the set itself is relatively small, it is of high quality and will definitely leave you feeling like you’re in 1643 Paris.     

7: The actors are extremely talented.

The cast is small, consisting of only 11 actors. However, their talent is large. Each actor gives their all during the performance, leaving the audience laughing and applauding throughout the show.     

8: “The Liar” is hilarious!

We’re not simply talking about Dorante and his fantastical stories and antics. The entire play is filled with top-notch humor that will make even the grumpiest play-goers laugh.

9: The plot is engaging.

You won’t fall asleep during the show, that’s for sure. The story smoothly builds up to a grand finale, and just when you think the show is over, they throw one more surprise twist at you! You’ll always be on your toes.

10: “The Liar” is the perfect way to spend an evening with your friends and family.

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? You’ll have a great time watching the       performance. Just remember, that this is a PG-13 show that does include mild language and sexual innuendos. It’s most likely not suitable for younger audiences.