Mo’ money, Movember

By Kevin Teller

No, that’s not dirt on their faces; the members of the Oakland University Men’s Rugby Team have been participating in “Movember” this past month.

The name Movember (pronounced “Moe-vember”) comes from a combination of November and mustaches. Throughout the month, some of the members of the team have been letting their facial hair grow out, particularly that bit above their upper lip.

Regardless of how gracefully their hair has grown out, the mustache is their way of promoting awareness of men’s health.

This idea stems from The Movember Foundation, which has the stated goal that “Men living with prostate or testicular cancer have the treatment and care needed to be physically and mentally well.”

One of the ways the foundation accomplishes its goal is through fundraising efforts such as the men’s rugby team’s. Donations are being accepted from students and players, and money from the team’s t-shirt sales are also adding to the team’s contribution to the foundation.

“I know it can be hard with all the stigmas attached to mustaches,” player Ted Tansley said. “But when it is for a good cause, might as well try something new and grow that mustache … you’ll never know until you grow.”

Tansley has recently been playing the position of right-side winger, otherwise known as number 14. He adamantly urged all male students to grow out their whiskers, not just his teammates.

The team has already raised more than $100 for the Movember Foundation, but the money raised is only a part of the picture.

Devon Meadows, the team’s treasurer, said that letting their facial fur fly also helps the team to grow closer.

Meadows said, “Movember is our current ideal focus for bringing the mindset of Oakland Rugby to a unified front.”

He said that by sporting their lip foliage, the members of the team have an additional shared bond. This bond is very important to Meadows.

As a player in his fifth year on the team, Meadows has invested a lot into keeping these players committed to their teammates. The rugby team has recently been growing their online presence as well with the creation of their new website, which is expected to be up and running very soon.

Meadows takes a large role in the planning and promotion of the website too. As the team’s treasurer in his last year, Meadows feels that it is his duty to perfect the image that the team portrays.

The team hosted its annual Turkey Bowl tournament in Troy last Saturday, Nov. 29. The event commemorated the end of the season and features teams of alumni as well. For more updates on events and games, check the team’s Facebook page.