Police Files: March 18, 2020


An officer was patrolling on Walton Blvd. near Festival Dr. on the evening of Jan. 4 when they observed a vehicle driving in the same direction on Meadow Brook Rd. The officer tailed the vehicle then performed a traffic stop.

The officer approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver. When he asked for license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance, the driver said she did not have any of this information, but did have identification in the car. She explained that she and the passenger in the vehicle were recently evicted from their home and were traveling to a nearby hotel. The officer asked for her name and date of birth and she provided the information. The officer explained that the vehicle needed to be registered, and she needed proper identification and that she could not drive. He then advised her when the Secretary of State would be open and that she could acquire the vehicle again when it was registered. She said she understood and contacted an Uber to transport them from the scene.