New Year’s Academic Resolutions

By Jasmine French

Feasts and class recess came to an end Monday, Dec. 1. Students returned to campus from Thanksgiving break to prepare for finals as the fall semester comes to a close.

John Gossett, sophomore, resident advisor in Oak View Hall, went home to spend the holidays with his family and brother who came to visit from North Carolina.

“I packed up and went home,” Gossett said. “This semester’s been a little bit harder than last year. Last year, I was an undecided student so I took gen-ed classes for the most part.”

Gossett’s New Year’s resolution is to cut down on procrastinating.

“It’s always a good idea to work on decreasing procrastination. It’s something I’ve struggled with, so I’d work on that a little bit and try to stay more focused,” he said.

Many Oakland students go home for the short break to enjoy the time with their families.

“I didn’t actually stay on campus for this Thanksgiving break. I went home and I had a couple of Thanksgiving dinners with different sides of the family and it was awesome,” said junior and Academic Peer Mentor Zack Thomas.

Thomas stayed on campus during the break last year.

“Last year, I was a student-athlete and was listed as I might be competing in a competition, so I had to stay,” Thomas said.

Thomas is a former cross country and track and field athlete at Oakland.

“I’m less focused on gen-eds now and more focused on my major classes, so I tend to think it’s not as gruesome to study because it’s studying what I like and so it’s a little bit easier,” Thomas said. “Though I’d like to get into a better routine of things, so that way I can better manage my time with all the stuff I have to do with my jobs and classes.”

For Elizabeth Hendra, sophomore and social work major, balance is her academic goal in 2015.

“Some people think it’s like a tease,” Hendra said. “You know, you get the little break and then you have to go back to finals, but honestly I had to work pretty much the entire break.”

“For me I think balance is what I need to focus on most because it’s very easy to take on too many things and not focus on what you really care about,” Hendra said. “Classes and academics are very important, but so is focusing on volunteering and things that are important to you outside of coursework.”

Freshman, Julie Atwood, isn’t worried about the end of the semester or the New Year to come.

“I think I’m pretty well prepared for finals,” she said.

As for next semester, she doesn’t feel the need to change anything.

“I feel like I’m doing pretty well. I might get a job next year, just because I know I can manage my time well enough to do that,” Atwood said.