Trump’s awful budget proposal hurts women, impoverished, elderly

The White House has finished the budget proposal for the 2021 fiscal year, and the numbers aren’t looking good for the deficit and for certain government funded programs. Am I honestly surprised that President Donald Trump lied again and his proposed budget is literal garbage? No.

Trump’s budget is evidently anti-women healthcare, which I find redundant. The fiscal year budget shouldn’t be showing gender bias. 

The budget clearly states, “The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is to protect and strengthen the health and well-being of Americans by fostering sustained advances in medicine, public health and social services.”

Despite this, the only “pro-women” action I’ve seen is $74 million being proposed to go to new resources in effort to decrease maternal mortality and morbidity rates.  

It’s crazy of me to focus completely on how anti-women Trump and his budget are the budget cuts down on Medicare and Social Security, something Trump said in a tweet that he wouldn’t do.

Anti-people-in-poverty and anti-elderly, too!

A half-a-trillion-dollar cut to Medicare, roughly $900 billion in cuts to Medicaid and a $24 billion cut to Social Security.

With this proposal, military spending would jump by 0.3% and Homeland Security’s budget would rise by $1.6 billion, a 3.2% increase. NASA would see a 12% increase, and Veterans Affairs would get a 14% boost.

So you’re really telling me the military is getting a BOOST, yet Trump is still attacking women’s rights. Trump already spends a boatload of money on the military, with them not having to do a thing for it, and then women have to protest, rebel and FIGHT for their right to have something has mundane as healthcare.

Within the first paragraph of the Department of Health and Human Services section, it says it invests in “protecting and improving the Medicare program for seniors; and supporting pro-life principles.”

In regard to the “pro-life principles,” I like the whole “improve maternal health in America” initiative stated in the budget. I’ve heard some stories about pregnancy and giving birth, and, personally, the idea of giving birth to a child sounds equivalent to the seventh ring of hell, so if it could be a better experience for mothers — I’m all for it.

Now, the whole “ensures federal funds protect life and conscience rights” section is where I knew it was going to go downhill. The budget “prioritizes the value of human life by ensuring that Federal funding does not support abortions.”

The budget proposes to prohibit Federal funding, such as in the Title X Family Planning and Medicaid programs, for certain entities that provide abortion services. 

I truly want every single person who doesn’t support abortions or who cares enough to make people feel like garbage for getting an abortion, IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN EITHER WAY. Whether or not it is legal. It is going to get done, going out of your way to ensure it doesn’t is just going to make unsafe abortions more popular.

I said what I said.