Golden Grizzlies Lead to host music therapy event 

Lauren Reid, Content Editor

Golden Grizzlies Lead, a program that connects students to leadership workshops and opportunities, is hosting a music therapy workshop Thursday, March 5 from 12-1 p.m. Participants will “learn ways to arrange their playlists for healthier outcomes” while understanding how to process emotions creatively and learn new techniques to better manage stress. 

“Students who attend this workshop will learn how they can use music to help themselves relax and cope with their feelings and emotions through the creation of personal, therapeutic playlists,” said Marie VanBuskirk, assistant director of leadership and engagement. 

The event will be presented by Dr. Lauri Hogle, a visiting assistant professor of music education. Hogle has performed country-wide with students and professionals alike, been a faculty accompanist with universities and high schools and led music programs in many settings such as school, studio and community. 

Hogle has experience and knowledge in music therapy and expression, as she has brought it to children with exceptionalities. Hogle defines music therapy as a “clinical application of music for health purposes.” Through this event, she looks to restore an uplifting and healthy emotional capacity to participants. 

Attendees should bring their phone or laptop and headphones to the workshop, as they will be working on playlists during the event. Hogle will guide participants through the process, giving tips and sharing expertise. 

“[I hope students will] come and give it a try,” Hogle said. “[Participants will] leave with a tailor made, personal playlist that [they] can strategically use at any time, either to relieve stress or bring [themselves] up into a more positively energized space.”

VanBuskirk hopes students will walk away from the event with at least one new resource to manage stress. Hogle has a similar vision, as she wants everyone to learn how they can utilize their favorite music for health and wellness. 

Host program Golden Grizzlies Lead hosts 20-30 workshops each academic year. Some topics covered this year include financial success, civic responsibility, adulting, passion and perseverance, nutrition, leadership style and networking. 

Workshops are often presented by OU faculty across many departments. Over the past few years, workshops have grown to include alumni speakers, panels and hands-on workshops. 

“These workshops have provided 800+ students the opportunity to learn more about skills, techniques and resources that will help them be successful both now and in pursuit of their careers after college,” VanBuskirk said. “Each year the workshops become more creative and interactive.” 

While all Golden Grizzlies Lead intends for all their workshops to be beneficial, they hope this one will have a lasting impact on students. According to Hogle, there are aspects of music that help with stress and sadness. Through the workshop, she hopes participants feel empowered to use their personal playlists to aid in emotional health. 

The Music Therapy — Finding a Creative Outlet event is being held in the Oakland Center rooms 128-130. Those interested can RSVP on Engage. Aside from the event itself, more information about music therapy and its goals, education and advocacy is available on the American Music Therapy website