Best ways to enjoy this Valentine’s Day

Everyone has such strong opinions about Valentine’s Day, but I’m here to tell you it’s really no big deal. There’s so much pressure to be in a relationship and do something special or to not be in a relationship and hate everything and be miserable. People just need to calm themselves and enjoy Feb. 14 in any way possible. Grab your partner, your best friend, your mom, whomever, and take these tips to make your Valentine’s Day the best one yet.

Buy those kiddie Valentine’s cards and give one to all your friends

Reminisce your childhood by buying one of those 12 packs of Ninja Turtle themed Valentine’s cards and giving them out to everyone in the group chat. Or better yet, send everyone a personalized Valentine’s “to/from” meme that might be a little dirty but still hilarious. Be sure to tape a dollar store lollipop in the shape of a heart to it, that’s key. Make sure you give one to EVERYONE, though, so no one is excluded. Throw in some loose candy hearts — the ones you have no idea where they came from or if they’re safe to eat — and the scene is complete.

Make a bowl of popcorn and laugh at all the sappy romantic movies

Don’t get me wrong, I’m down for a good romance movie, but on Valentine’s Day they’re funnier than they are heartfelt. I know I’ve mocked Hallmark before, and this is no different. There’s nothing better than sitting down with that box of chocolates and bag of popcorn and predicting the ending of a bad movie and laughing at the clinically insane people who “fall in love” after one coffee shop meet-cute. You might get lucky and find one that’ll make you say “aww,” but otherwise, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the crazies.

Go to Olive Garden and watch people get proposed to

This may sound crazy, but trust me, it is top tier comedy. The girlfriends with such high expectations left the planning up to their dumb boyfriends, and now they are mad disappointed. To make it worse, the dude thinks that he hit the jackpot, and he is ready to pull that dinky ring out and pop the question. Of course she says yes because the whole restaurant is watching, but did she really want to? That’s for you and your partner to decide, but you only have so long before it happens again. And again. And again.

Stop by the grocery store on Feb. 15 and buy the half-off flowers and chocolates

Now I know that this isn’t exactly “Valentine’s Day,” but it’s close enough. Grab your No. 1, drag them to the nearest Walmart and get those deals! There are aisles upon aisles of leftover chocolates and candy waiting for you to consume at a discount price. Yeah, the Reese’s cups are heart-shaped and the packaging is all red and pink, but who cares? It’s time to gorge yourself on sweet sweet candy you got for half the price. That makes it taste even better, don’t you think?

Now go, my loves, and enjoy this holiday the way it was meant to be enjoyed — with a lot of laughs, a lot of candy and a lot of fun.