Brechting on his final season as a Golden Grizzly


Courtesy of Oakland Athletics

Brad Brechting goes up for a shot against the IUPUI Jaguars.

Brittany Welch, Staff Reporter

Brad Brechting has been part of Oakland University men’s basketball for five years now. Brechting is another Michigan native who lives in a small town named Cedar Springs, which is right up by Grand Rapids. 

Basketball has always been a huge part of his life since he was young. Just like other kids, he always played with his friends growing up.

“I played AYBT, AAU and EYBL. I also went to the gym everyday with my friends to hoop which made me fall in love with the game, “ he said. “When I got my first scholarship to play basketball is when I really started focusing on the game.”

Along with a successful college career, Brechting also had a memorable high school career that he said he will always cherish.

“I had a very successful high school career,” Brechting said. “I made the Hall of Fame for scoring over 1000 points in my career there. I also played varsity the four years I was there.”

His successful high school career gained the attention of Oakland basketball.

“Coach Sorenson, one of the old coaches here at Oakland, started texting and calling me my senior year of high school,” Brechting said. “(Greg) Kampe came to my high school game and that is when I received my scholarship from Oakland.”

Oakland felt right for Brechting the second he stepped onto campus.

“When I came on my visit it was perfect for me. Not some huge school, Kampe let his big guys come out on the arch to shoot threes and doesn’t limit skill sets,” he said. “Oakland is only two and a half hours away from home, so it’s not a long ways away where I won’t see my family.”

Brechting and the Golden Grizzlies are currently 2-8 in conference, but that record means little to Brechting.

“I have all good thoughts, I’m not paying attention to our record. We still can reach our goal and that’s going to the NCAA tournament,” Brechting said.

Brechting is on his fifth year, his last season as a Golden Grizzly, but that isn’t going to stop his basketball career.

“My plans are to continue my basketball career,” he said, “either be overseas or in the United States.”

Being on the basketball team for five years has come along with many memories for Brechting, but there is one that will forever stick with him.

“My favorite memory thus far at Oakland would have to be getting a ring and going to Chop House as a team to celebrate,” Brechting said.

Brechting and the Golden Grizzlies are back on the road this week, taking on the Norse of Northern Kentucky University on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m.