Battle of the boards

By Shelby Tankersley

The Resident Advisers (RA) have to make boards that catch the eye of their residents. They can be cute and funny, and informational.

Here at the Oakland Post, we decided to put these boards to a vote and see which RA has the best board.

The boards can be calendars, event postings, or a board that teaches the residents something.

Candice Novinski, a W. Vandenberg RA, said these boards do have purpose behind them and they’re not just for fun.

“Our boards do have to have some sort of purpose or educational element as part of the requirement,” Novinski said. “We make boards that are informational or educational because we want the boards to be value added to our floor for our students.”

Novinski also said that the boards can take a lot of time to make, some up to 15 hours.

But, despite the time, she did say her boards have brought smiles to students’ faces, and that’s what her job as an RA is all about.

As for our completion, here are the rules.

This week we’re featuring boards from West and East Vandenberg. Cast a vote to the board you think is the most unique, good looking, informative, etc. The RA’s board that gets the most votes will receive bragging rights and will be able to say that their crafting skills put others to shame.

Feel free to rep your floor (you don’t have to be a resident to vote), may the best RA win.