Club lacrosse starts season with tryouts

For 20 years, Oakland University has been providing lacrosse players with a chance to continue playing their sport at the collegiate level, in the form of the club lacrosse team.

Most of the talk about sports at the collegiate level is centered the varsity teams, however, the only difference between a club and varsity team is that club athletes have to pay to play. The club teams at Oakland practice and prepare similarly to the varsity sports.

“For our spring season, which is our main season, we practice Monday through Wednesday, so three days a week,” goalie Maria Davila said. 

There is no previous experience needed to try out for the club lacrosse team. An interested student does not have to worry if they have never played lacrosse before. According to Davila, there are no cuts. 

“We don’t really have tryouts per se, we just begin practice,” she said. “The first week we typically let anyone come and practice with the team and if they wish to continue they can sign up.”

The club lacrosse team also participates in games and is given the opportunity to travel to many places, mainly at the end of the season during playoffs and when they compete in tournaments.

“In our league, we play against CMU, GVSU, WMU, EMU and others,” Davila said. “We also go against colleges from other states like Toledo, Depaul and Northern Kentucky. This year we are traveling to Toledo and to GVSU, both for tournaments. And, if we earn it, we may travel to Texas for Nationals.”

Last season, the team competed in Nationals in Virginia Beach, and won one game. The team came in second in their conference, and received an at-large bid to compete. They eventually fell to the eventual National Champion, Loyola of Maryland, 18-8.  

Not only does the team enjoy playing together, they also spend a lot of time together outside of the sport, which has led to many friendships, according to Head Coach Towbey Kassa.

“The atmosphere on the team is very much a family,” Davila said. “I love all of my teammates and wouldn’t trade them for the world. They’re my sisters.”

Team leaders like Davila encourage any interested student in trying out for the team, no matter their skill level.

“I would recommend all girls to join,” Davila said. “It is super fun and competitive and honestly we are like a family. Don’t worry about not knowing how to play, we are there to help you become the best player you can be.” 

If you are interested in joining the team, the first practice is on Jan. 13th at 10 p.m. in the athletic dome. There is nothing in particular needed to come, besides yourself. Contact information for the team can be found on Facebook, on the Oakland University Women’s Lacrosse page.